How to Help Your Child Prepare for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Getting your wisdom teeth taken out can be a scary proposition even for adults, so when it comes to kids who need their wisdom teeth removed, parents need to do all they can to prepare their children for the procedure.

Here are a few tips on how to help your child prepare to have their wisdom teeth removed:

Take them to a pediatric dentist

This is more important than you might think. If your child needs their wisdom teeth removed, don’t just settle for your general dentist. As wonderful as general dentists may be, their offices can often seem cold and uninviting. A pediatric dentist’s office, on the other hand, caters especially to kids with bright colors, fun toys, and inviting decorations that help keep children in a good mood when they come to the office. This can play a large role in helping them relax and feel safe before the surgery.

Explain ahead of time

Prepping your kids before the procedure is key. Let them talk and interact with the dentist or surgeon during the consultation so they’re comfortable with who’ll be performing their procedure. Make sure they know what wisdom teeth are and why they have to be taken out — explain the procedure to your child in terms they understand, and answer any questions they have. You can even show them picture books of going to the dentist, and role play the situation with them to make sure they’re prepared. Play up all the ice cream they’ll get to eat, too!

Prep for recovery

Before you head to surgery, make sure you’re prepared for your child’s return home. Set up a cozy recovery spot with plenty of blankets and pillows on a bed or couch where they can be comfortable. Have water, ice packs, the television remote, and tissues close at hand. You should also stock up ahead of time on soft foods, soup, hydrating liquids, ice cream, and frozen pops so your child has plenty of options once they want to eat. Make sure you fill any prescriptions for pain medication ahead of time, too, so you don’t have to worry about running another errand on the way home.

Give them something to look forward to

It helps your child get through the prep time and the surgery if they know something fun is waiting for them on the other side. This could be some kind of gift or prize they’ve had their eye on for months, or maybe an experience they can look forward to, such as going to a concert or a game. Keeping their sights set on something bigger than the discomfort they may be feeling can give them motivation to persevere through the procedure and recovery.

While having your wisdom teeth removed isn’t naturally a fun experience, you can help make the process much more palatable for kids by following these simple tips. If your child is ready to have their wisdom teeth removed, call the expert team at Dentistry for Children to set up a consultation today!

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